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Sarah Grain is Something Wild

Sarah Grain and the Billions of Stars at the Catacombs, September 9th. September 9th was an interesting day. I spent most of the day training for an acting job, and I didn't arrive in Indianapolis until about 9pm. Earlier that day, my friend Doug  informed me his band Sarah Grain and the Billions of Stars… Continue reading Sarah Grain is Something Wild


COASTL Local Motion Dance Party

Photography by Hapless Guitar Photography and Dot Notos, Article by Tim McLaughlin Breck and Dustin of COASTL On September 22nd, there was a show at the Hi-Fi in Indianapolis featuring local artists COASTL, Action Jackson and DJ Limelight. Here is what our photographer Tim had to say about the event: So there is this duo called… Continue reading COASTL Local Motion Dance Party

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Cyrus Hops… In Your Face

Photography and Article by Syd Innovaria Cyrus gazes into the sea of people before him. This show was something I had been excited to see for a great many days. Cyrus himself informed me several weeks prior that his band Cyrus Youngman and the Kingfishers would be headlining this event, and I was so thrilled.… Continue reading Cyrus Hops… In Your Face

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Sarah Grain Folks It Up

Photography and Article by Syd Innovaria Sarah and Mina. On the evening of August 5th, my friend Doug Sauter (who plays guitar in Sarah Grain and the Billions of Stars), informed me SG&BOS would be making an appearance at the Indy Folk Fest at Indy Hostel in Indianapolis. I had never been to this place… Continue reading Sarah Grain Folks It Up

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A Cabaret Thrill

Photography and Article by Syd Innovaria Caleb and Doug present Tommy, the man of many CDs. So this weekend was like any other. My friend Doug Sauter (of Sarah Grain and the Billions of Stars, Midwest Rhythm Exchange and Tommy) and I were hanging out up in Indianapolis and he informed me he had a… Continue reading A Cabaret Thrill

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Voguely Intrigued

Photography and Article by Syd Innovaria Sarah Grain and the Billions of Stars.  I went down to The Vogue in Indianapolis to cover a group show with 7 artists in July, at the prompting of my friend Cyrus Youngman from the band Cyrus Youngman and The Kingfishers & Papa Warfleighs Funk Revival- which was the… Continue reading Voguely Intrigued

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69 Shades but Grey ain’t One

Photography by Tyler Snodell, Jessica Clair Photography and Syd Innovaria, Article by Syd Innovaria The name for the show is funnier than it sounds. One day myself, UaZit and a few others were conversing over what to name the showcase, and collectively came up with the 69 Shades of June Show, a play on the… Continue reading 69 Shades but Grey ain’t One

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Bruises, or, uh, Brewses???

Photography and Article by Syd Innovaria The Detroit Bruise and Brews Fest III was like any other March day- kinda cold, kinda dreary, but sunny. It was a 6 hour ride for myself and the group Burdens Within, who were kind enough to give me a lift up there. The suspense dragged on, the quiet… Continue reading Bruises, or, uh, Brewses???

Siddin Around

Plastic Drug Children

By: Syd K Innanovia So I’m sitting here talking to my kid’s dad about some shit and I suddenly remember I forgot to do this week’s comedy review. “I’m a comedian now. I have responsibilities.” Whatever. It took me like a half hour to get YouTube to load because the system was down. Technology is… Continue reading Plastic Drug Children

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UaZit: A Musical Entrepreneur

Photography by UaZit, Article by Syd Innovaria Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with this truly phenomenal artist who is coming up in the Indianapolis music scene as well. I saw him perform live at a show called Flight of Fancy in October. The show was a collaboration of works by various different types… Continue reading UaZit: A Musical Entrepreneur